Dying Star is the sixth song of the debut album of Nikolai Fraiture: The Time of the Assassins.
Nickel Eye - The Time of the Assassins


Your eyes are penetrating

They seem so tired and vacant

Excess in moderation

You’re such a pretty mess

You make up different faces

One for each new occasion

And when the fire burns out

Others will fade away

Dying Star

Dying Star

Outside the sky is bleeding

The sun is overheating

There's meltdown in the city

It's all the same to me

Turn on your television

Buy yourself some forgiveness

Turn to the Seven Sisters

They're looking after you

Dying Star

Dying Star

If you don't really need them

Why didn't you ever leave this

Too easy to believe in

That's just the way it is

You're comin' up the hard way

Back broke, your feet are hurtin'

Fourteen more years are wasted

Like the West Memphis Three

Dying Star

Dying Star