I Can't Win
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I Can't Win is the eleventh and last song of the 2nd album of The Strokes: Room on Fire


That was you up on the mountain

All alone and all surrounded

Walking on the ground you're breaking

Laughing at the life you're wasting

1 - 2 tries won't do it

You do it all your life and you never get through it

Everything they had to say

Had been erased in just one day

"Good try

We don't like it"

"Good try

We won't take that shit."

I can't win.

Things in bars that people do

When no one wants to talk to you

Failing can be quite a breeze, he

Told me that these girls were easy

Happy that you said you'd mount me

Felt unlucky when you found me

Some nights come up empty handed

Yes, I'll take it

Wait now

By the sidewalk

Hold on

Yes, I'll be right back.

I can't win.

Yeah, I

Wait for something

"Cool it

We won't take that shit"

"Good try

We don't like it"

-Hold on,

Yes, I'll be right back.