This Is the End is the fifth song of the debut album of Nikolai Fraiture: The Time of the Assassins.
Nickel Eye - The Time of the Assassins


Listen to the wind and my friend

You will then understand

She depends on the ocean

Mama once told me that

Papa wouldn't hold me

'Cause he was afraid of emotion

My friend, this is the end

I can't believe it

That you would deceive me

And pass as if you were my friend

Three years I've missed you

But I can't forgive you

'Cause I know you'd do it again

My friend, this is the end

Listen to his eyes

For his lips can tell lies

But a look will denounce any treason

Listen to the tone

And I'm sure it will show

Who is good and who's there for a reason

My friend, this is the end

Every night he goes to bed

With a bottle of gin

And the words she said

Every morning, he wakes up

He’s got a hole in his head

And a dime in his cup

My friend, this is the end

My friend, this is the end

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